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Digital Liquid


Digital Liquid has been creating freeware since 2004. Mp3 my Mp3 recorder was released in 2005 and has gone through many upgraded releases. Our goal is, and always has been to create unique software tools and programs that are solid, useful and easy to use. Our focus is on image, audio based applications. Digital Liquid also professionally produces multimedia projects and many of the software ideas have come from needs and gaps discovered in software utilities while developing those projects. Presently, and moving forward, we will be focused on designing, coding and distributing mobile applications.

Installer Advertising Offers

As software and freeware entrepreneurs, we are always open to opportunities for collaboration and partnerships. However, the number of requests have been exponentially growing along with the size of the internet it seems and we will only respond to offers that are of interest. We apologize in advance if we don't respond to initial inquiries. If you wish to hire Digital Liquid please make inquiries via that web site.

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